Custom Concert t-shirt

My 9 year old was invited by her best friend (and parents) to go to the rodeo, carnival and concert (Kenny Chesney!). So, she and I decided to make the two girls customized t-shirts and surprise her friend.

From the Silhouette software, we went to the online store using the little mouse icon on the left menu bar. We searched for palm trees (since so many of Kenny’s songs are about the beach and he uses palms in his own brand). We ended up choosing the “beach palm tree & sun” graphic. We also needed a heart and chose one called “‘love you’ heart”. Please note that when we browse for graphics, we look for the overall shape, since we rarely use something exactly as shown. This is the perfect example, since our final graphic looks nothing like either of the graphics looked originally.  My 9 year old helped me decide on the graphics and the fonts we used. (We used “GoudyOlSt BT” for the ‘I’ and ‘KC’, and “MA Sexy” for the name on the sleeve.  We ungrouped the graphics, and did a little cleanup getting the palm trees and tilted heart to merge.  Then, we went for the cut!  We used the smooth heat transfer material in white from the store:  This was the first time I’ve ever used this product, and I was nervous.  But, the whole project was easy from start to finish!  It cut so nicely, and was easy to remove and place on the shirt.  A quick iron and I was done.  We were both so pleased with the final project!

concert t-shirt * concert t-shirt




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