Baking Bacon

Bacon is soooo good. I mean, who can turn down a piece of bacon (or two or three)? But, I really dislike cooking it, whether in a frying pan or in the microwave. It just seems to take a lot of time because you have to do it in batches, and it gets grease everywhere. Ew. That’s why I like baking my bacon! Yes, that’s right… I bake my bacon! I simply put it on a broiler pan, and bake it at 350. But, no, I can’t tell you how long, because that is up to you and yours. I tend to like mine a little past crispy. Mmmmm.

I happen to have 2 broiler pans, one is a big one, one is a small one, and I do use both for one pack of bacon. Since bacon is typically sold by weight, not by quantity of slices, it depends whether you get the ultra-thin or the thick. The thicker the bacon, the less slices per package, and the better chance it might fit on just one broiler pan.  Of course, the thickness also plays into the cooking time.  Start with about 15 minutes and just keep checking it until it’s perfect in your eyes.  Your tastebuds will thank you!  *  Baking Bacon * Baking Bacon

(If you’re wondering what a broiler pan is, it’s the pan that comes in two parts. The top part has slots to let the grease and juices through, and a second drip pan.)

Custom Easter Baskets

If you remember from my previous post on my Easter Basket conundrum, I knew I wanted custom Easter Basket liners and was running out of time to do them myself and get them to the monogramming shop.  So, I took my plain fabric to be monogrammed, thinking it wouldn’t be that much harder to work backwards.  Boy was I wrong.

Well, I suppose it wasn’t that much harder.  But, I have made basket liners using an easy method I found from curbly on youtube.  It’s relatively easy when you start with just plain fabric.  Unfortunately, it’s more difficult when you’re trying to figure out how to position the already placed monogram, which just so happened to accidentally be on the short side instead of the long side of the fabric.  In the end, it worked out, it just took more effort.  But, I recommend making your basket liner and THEN having it monogrammed!  {wink}

I started with the two yellow baskets that were a great size, and easily stacked.  (I was inspired by the yellow for the lemonade stand, and chose one of the fabrics accordingly.  The second fabric coordinated with the first, but did not have any yellow, so I just decided to paint the second basket white.  While the paint on the white basket was drying, I used the yellow basket for measurements.  Because of the monogram, I ended up having to measure the inside bottom of the basket, then the four sides which folded over.  I used the monogrammed fabric to decide how much of an overhang, and then adjusted the other sides accordingly, adding an extra 1/2″ to all sides for the seams.  Then I realized I had given myself yet another challenge:  the handles on the baskets.  I had to figure out how to get the liner on and still be able to use the handles.  I am definitely not a seamstress, so I don’t know what an experienced seamstress would do, but I muddled through it.  I really hate having to change out anything on my sewing machine (needles, feet, etc.)  I don’t do it often, and honestly, I guess it’s a bit intimidating and time consuming (because I also have to consult the manual).  So, I thought the button hole thingamajig would be perfect, but I really didn’t want to deal with that right then.  I decided to cheat and see what happened.  I went ahead and cut my fabric where I wanted it to go over the handles.  It was a risk, considering I was almost done and didn’t want to somehow screw it all up!  Then, I just used the back and forth stitch and went along the cut line.  In the end, I basically did the same thing as the button hole attachment, but it wasn’t graceful.  Not that most of my projects are!  lol  In the end, I think it worked.  I’m not sure how well it will hold up with any washings, so I need to go back and put some fray check stuff on there.  But… I got them done, and with {a little} time to spare!  *  Sewing Basket Liners * Sewing Basket Liners

I should mention that I got the baskets at 40% off at Hobby Lobby, the fabric was about $3 each, and each large monogram was about $11. So, I spent about $25 on each basket. Pricey? Well… it depends how you look at it. It was way less than if I had paid someone to do them, I got the look I wanted, all in a re-useable basket! To me, that’s a successful project!

April Fool’s Day

I told my 9-year-old daughter that if she ate a good dinner, she could have a brown E for dessert.
Apparently, this is not what she expected. ROTFL!  *  April Fool's Day * April Fool’s Day