My Little Loves

What inspires me most? My little loves, of course!

my little loves * My Little Loves

Another Successful Waterslide Party

My daughter decided to have a waterslide party for the third year in a row!  It’s a fun way to keep the little ones cool on a hot September day, so it works well.

Her dad even got in on the action, as shown here.

More pics of the party to come!


waterslide party * Another Successful Waterslide Party



Big Reveal! My latest project is complete!

My project is complete. Here is the big reveal! Welcome baby Z!

New Addition * My Little Loves

New Addition * My Little Loves

This project is EXHAUSTING!

This latest project is exhausting me, and I can’t wait for it to be done! Are you waiting for the big reveal? :)

baby ultrasound * Our Latest Project


I guess the picture says it all! ♥

pickles and ice cream * We are expecting!

My beautiful daughter

I love this picture of my daughter. She’s so beautiful, inside and out!

pretty girl * My beautiful daughter