The Pantry Project

I was inspired by all the neat and organized pantries that I keep seeing on Pinterest. So, I decided to tackle our own Pantry Project. Here are is a BEFORE pic. Yikes! It definitely needs some work. Keep watching for the final reveal, but for now, I’ve included a Sneak Peek!

pantry project * The Pantry Project {Before}

Niche Decor: Halloween

When we bought our 2nd home, one thing I was really excited about was this niche in the downstairs hallway, between the foyer and the living room. Initially I hung a beautiful canvas portrait of my daughter. But, as I started living with it, I realized it was the perfect spot to do a little holiday decor. (I prefer to do holiday decor in clusters. That way, it looks intentional and cute. When I used to spread it out around the house, it just ended up looking cluttered.) So, I purchased some lidded glass containers for colorful holiday candy. Then, I use those little 3m hooks and hangers that are easy to remove so I don’t have nail holes or tape stuck to the wall. It also frees me up to create new layouts for each holiday and for each year, so I don’t feel stuck in a rut.  *  Halloween Niche Decor * Halloween Niche Decor

For this first holiday, it took a little more effort than it will in the future. I took out my measuring tape, scissors, and a large roll of craft paper I had from some previous project. I cut the paper in the approximate dimension of the niche. Then I taped it against the inset and trimmed the excess to the exact fit. When I was done, I had a paper template of the niche that I then taped to a piece of 1/8″ fiberboard. I used a jigsaw to cut the fiberboard around the template, and then did a quick sand. I did a dry fit, a little more sanding in a few spots to get it perfect, and then it was ready to decorate. My daughter is little, so I don’t like anything too scary, so I opted for a whimsical black and white polka dot fabric that I just wrapped around the board. Since this will be changed out on a regular basis for each holiday, I just taped the fabric to the fiberboard with masking tape (but use whatever you have on hand). Then I picked up a shiny black frame and put in a picture of my daughter from her 2nd Halloween, and I hung my fake spiders and decor with 3M hooks. I had a Happy Halloween banner from the Martha Stewart line that I re-strung to fit the niche and hung it across. Then I added the colorful Halloween goodies in shades of orange, and WALLA! Done! Now I can’t wait to decorate for the next holiday!!!



Willow House Party

I recently hosted a Willow House (housewarming) party, and today the orders arrived! It looks like Christmas in my house! Now I just have to sort and deliver all the orders to my friends. Yay!

I can’t wait to get my own stuff out of the boxes to check it out! I love their products. I know they can be a bit pricey, but they are great quality.  *  Willow House Order * Willow House Order

Moving In… Another Sneak Peek

I like red.  I do.  But, not really in my house.  Now in other peoples’ homes, it is lovely.  But, it’s just not *my* thing.  So I was excited to find leftover paint in the garage!  Yay for builder’s beige!  (Okay, not really… it’s soooo, well, beige).  But, until I decide what color schemes I want, I’m happy getting rid of the accent color that matches absolutely none of my decor!  So… here’s another sneak peek, this time of the formal dining room.  *  painting dining room * painting dining room

Moving in… a sneak peek  *  new home sneak peek * new home sneak peek

Customizing and Old Frame

My husband’s late grandfather was a firefighter. My mother-in-law gave us this photograph of him after fighting a fire, and he had ice-cycles that formed on his helmet. We both loved the picture, but when we were first married, and didn’t have a lot of money, I had just picked up this cheap frame. At the time, the color was “in”, but now, not so much. Unfortunately, I had cut the photograph to fit the oval frame… and as it turns out, oval frames are hard to find! So, I was kinda stuck with this old, hunter-green frame. But never fear, we have spray paint here! heehee! Gotta ♥ spray paint!

In our new home, I am using a lot of neutrals. So, I decided to use some ivory spray paint that we had on hand. Actually, we had all these supplies already, because that’s how we roll. (I drive my hubby crazy with my hoarding of craft supplies, but that’s a story for another time.)

I also knew I wanted the pretty details to stand out. So, I decided on 3 colors. First I started with a dark brown base coat. Once dry, I added a copper color. Then, for the final color, I used the ivory. Then, I took the sanding block and lightly went over all the edges to enhance them a bit. I considered a glaze over the top, but decided I liked the ivory as is. Then I put back the glass, the photography, and now I have an updated look for this special memory.

www.ourinspiredhome  *  Customize an Old Frame

www.ourinspiredhome * Customize an Old Frame