From Freezer to Crock Pot: Sneak Peek2!

I’ve researched multiple pins from Pinterest for recipes and tips for creating easy freezer to crock pot meals, and I don’t remember even one person telling me just how much work this is. So, be warned! It’s not as easy as they make it look on Pinterest, folks! ;P Having said that, I did maybe over-do it with so many meals all at once, for a first-timer.

I will say though, that it was nice to get it all done at once. So instead of having to wash and peel carrots 10 times over the next month, I only did it once, which means that there’s way less clean up time. I mean, if I’m scooping up the carrot peels to put in the trash, I might as well scoop all 10 pounds at once. Right? So, I can see how this will save me time in the future! Just get yourself a comfy mat under your feet, and try to stay organized with your recipes, ingredients, baggies, spices, etc.

Here is a peek of the all the meals once prepared. I was getting tired near the end and just scribbling the contents of the bag. So, in the future, I’d like to maybe laminate our recipes and somehow tie them on or use stickers or something. But, hey, you live and learn, right?  *  freezer meals * freezer meals

I’ll start sharing some of the yummy recipes as we get a chance to try them, since most of them are new to us (or at least the crock pot versions are new to us). So stay tuned!

The Pantry Project

I was inspired by all the neat and organized pantries that I keep seeing on Pinterest. So, I decided to tackle our own Pantry Project. Here are is a BEFORE pic. Yikes! It definitely needs some work. Keep watching for the final reveal, but for now, I’ve included a Sneak Peek!

pantry project * The Pantry Project {Before}

Moving In… Another Sneak Peek

I like red.  I do.  But, not really in my house.  Now in other peoples’ homes, it is lovely.  But, it’s just not *my* thing.  So I was excited to find leftover paint in the garage!  Yay for builder’s beige!  (Okay, not really… it’s soooo, well, beige).  But, until I decide what color schemes I want, I’m happy getting rid of the accent color that matches absolutely none of my decor!  So… here’s another sneak peek, this time of the formal dining room.  *  painting dining room * painting dining room

Moving in… a sneak peek  *  new home sneak peek * new home sneak peek