The Best Soap Scum Cleaner

I saw a recipe for a soap scum cleaner on Pinterest. I have to admit, I was skeptical. The image posted on Pinterest showed a pretty distinct line, but then a less distinct line was pointed out by a red arrow. The other line was just a shadow created by the flash. So, it was kind of hard to see the real results, and what was just darker because of the shadow. But, after reading the rave reviews, I figured I’d give it a shot, because I haven’t found any cleaner in any store that really works. But, to prove to myself (and you) that it does in deed produce results, I decided to tape off the shower door with green painters tape. Then I created my concoction, using the recipe shown here.

After I had my spray bottle ready to go, I started spraying just one side of the tape. I left it to do it’s thing, and when I came back and rinsed, I was amazed! But… then the door dried and I could still see plenty of nasty soap scum. So, I did two more times, and I let it dry.  Then I was really amazed! It really did work. Just see for yourself!  I really can’t believe it myself, because I’ve spent countless dollars on products that don’t work, and this was so easy to make and apply.  I will definitely be using it in the future!  *  shower cleaner * shower cleaner




the BEST grout cleaner EVER

Okay, okay.  That’s a pretty big statement, right?  But, hear me out.  Our house has white tile and {what used to be} white grout.  WHO DOES THAT?  I mean, I’ve seen some beautiful images of gorgeous white rooms, and I know it can be beautiful.  But for a family with kids and dogs, it’s TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL!  We have tried just about every product on the market over the years, and nothing has helped.  We got so frustrated that at one point we just painted the grout lines, but that only works for a while.  I had a friend suggest we just dye the grout a darker color so it looks like it was a design choice.  But, white tile and dark grout is NOT my design choice.

So, when someone told me about this little miracle combination, I wanted to scoff and roll my eyes.  I mean, NOTHING can clean white grout, especially not something as easy and inexpensive as this.  But, being willing to give anything a try, I pulled out my old toothbrush, my hydrogen peroxide, and my baking soda, and started scrubbing.  It was AH-MAZING!

I know what you’re thinking.  How is anyone that excited about cleaning grout?  And I hear you.  I do.  I mean, it’s grout.  But when you’ve lived with white dirty ugly gross grout for as long as I have, and you’ve spent lots and lots of time and money over the years trying to find something to make it cleaner and look better, you would be excited too!

So, without further ado, here is a before and after.  Be prepared to be amazed.  Or, at least to file away the “recipe” on pinterest!  ;-)  It works to clean any grout, but is particularly great for white grout! * best grout cleaner * best grout cleaner

As far as the recipe… well… I don’t exactly have one.  I just winged it.  It works best when it was a paste consistency.  But, I would literally just sprinkle some baking soda along the grout lines, and pour little bits of hydrogen peroxide in little tiny puddles every so often.  If I accidentally poured too much liquid, I’d just add more powder.  Then I scrubbed.  No, it’s definitely not the most fun you’ll ever have, but it certainly gets the job done if you put in the effort.  The room above is our kids’ bathroom, and it was pretty small and not bad at all.  The kitchen / dining room was another story.  That took a lot more effort!