Easter Baskets

I have been having a hard time deciding what kind of Easter baskets to get. I thought I wanted traditional Easter Baskets, but I couldn’t find anything I loved in Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I thought about ordering at Pottery Barn Kids, but even though that’s kind of the look I want, it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned. I just hate to spend that much on a basket and liner if I don’t love them. Then I went on Etsy.com, and found lots of adorable ideas, from baskets to buckets, but nothing that was perfect. Then, when I was shopping for something else at Hobby Lobby, inspiration struck. On one of the shelves I was passing by, I spotted these adorable yellow wire baskets. Are they traditional Easter baskets? Well, no. But… we have been working on Abby’s lemonade stand (which will probably have it’s grand opening this weekend!), and a yellow basket would be a great little accessory for her product line. HA! I’m kidding… no products. But, she’s an over-packer like I am, so I’m sure she’ll find a use for it. The other thing I really liked about these particular baskets is that they are stack-able for storage. (I’ve found our other Easter baskets are hard to store.)  So, we can either find a use for them around the house after Easter, or we can easily store them away for next year.

Because they are wire and have pretty wide gaps that would allow precious Easter candy to fall through, they definitely need a liner.  {wink}  They need a liner.  (But, let’s not get into my husband’s and my disagreement about our needs.  lol.)   Anyway… off to the fabric section I went!

They had so many cute, springy fabrics that would have made adorable liners. But, I wanted something that would coordinate for my 9 year old girl and my 1 year old boy. Then I spotted this Moroccan print in blues, greens and a touch of yellow.  Nearby, was a coordinating plaid in blues and greens.  I’m not sure you can tell in these pictures, but these fabrics look so cute together!  (You’ll see when you view the finished product!!!)

www.ourinspiredhome.com  *  Moroccan Print

www.ourinspiredhome.com  *  Plaid Print Fabric

After I estimated the yardage I’d need for the baskets, and checked out, I immediately took them to my embroiderer to have their names put on the raw fabric. That’s a little odd, you say? Why, yes, yes it is. But, I know me. If I didn’t take it right then, I would have meant to take it and procrastinated for several days, and would have run out of time for them to get it done. So, I explained what I was making and the lady helped me place the marking tape so that there would be enough for their embroidery ring, as well as for the eventual hem. See, I figure that even if I have to stay up to midnight on the night before Easter to finish them, I at least have a chance. But, there’s nothing I can do if I didn’t get the names on in time. Well, unless they offer rush, with a rush fee… and I don’t want to go there. ;-)

I chose a turquoise for the plaid since that print will allow the name to be read easy enough. The Moroccan print might make it a little hard to see the embroidery, so we chose a dark gray to coordinate with the light gray in the print. I got the same font for both, which was called “Jack and Jill”! It’s not too feminine or masculine, so I thought it would unify them even though they are different fabrics with different colored monogramming.

They should be ready next Wednesday, and I can’t wait to see the monogram finished! (Even though that’s when my work begins!) Oh, and don’t shake your head at me, but I think I might spray paint the 2nd basket a lime green or blue, to coordinate more with that fabric. I know, I’m weird. We’ll see what I end up doing…

Custom Concert t-shirt

My 9 year old was invited by her best friend (and parents) to go to the rodeo, carnival and concert (Kenny Chesney!). So, she and I decided to make the two girls customized t-shirts and surprise her friend.

From the Silhouette software, we went to the online store using the little mouse icon on the left menu bar. We searched for palm trees (since so many of Kenny’s songs are about the beach and he uses palms in his own brand). We ended up choosing the “beach palm tree & sun” graphic. We also needed a heart and chose one called “‘love you’ heart”. Please note that when we browse for graphics, we look for the overall shape, since we rarely use something exactly as shown. This is the perfect example, since our final graphic looks nothing like either of the graphics looked originally.  My 9 year old helped me decide on the graphics and the fonts we used. (We used “GoudyOlSt BT” for the ‘I’ and ‘KC’, and “MA Sexy” for the name on the sleeve.  We ungrouped the graphics, and did a little cleanup getting the palm trees and tilted heart to merge.  Then, we went for the cut!  We used the smooth heat transfer material in white from the SilhouetteAmerica.com store: http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/?page=shop&cat=6  This was the first time I’ve ever used this product, and I was nervous.  But, the whole project was easy from start to finish!  It cut so nicely, and was easy to remove and place on the shirt.  A quick iron and I was done.  We were both so pleased with the final project!

concert t-shirt

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Customizing and Old Frame

My husband’s late grandfather was a firefighter. My mother-in-law gave us this photograph of him after fighting a fire, and he had ice-cycles that formed on his helmet. We both loved the picture, but when we were first married, and didn’t have a lot of money, I had just picked up this cheap frame. At the time, the color was “in”, but now, not so much. Unfortunately, I had cut the photograph to fit the oval frame… and as it turns out, oval frames are hard to find! So, I was kinda stuck with this old, hunter-green frame. But never fear, we have spray paint here! heehee! Gotta ♥ spray paint!

In our new home, I am using a lot of neutrals. So, I decided to use some ivory spray paint that we had on hand. Actually, we had all these supplies already, because that’s how we roll. (I drive my hubby crazy with my hoarding of craft supplies, but that’s a story for another time.)

I also knew I wanted the pretty details to stand out. So, I decided on 3 colors. First I started with a dark brown base coat. Once dry, I added a copper color. Then, for the final color, I used the ivory. Then, I took the sanding block and lightly went over all the edges to enhance them a bit. I considered a glaze over the top, but decided I liked the ivory as is. Then I put back the glass, the photography, and now I have an updated look for this special memory.

www.ourinspiredhome  *  Customize an Old Frame

www.ourinspiredhome * Customize an Old Frame