Happy 1st Birthday to my Zanergator!

I can’t believe my little Zanergator is ONE!

If you remember from when I was expecting, my daughter was addicted to the magic 8 ball app on my phone, and she asked it if the baby was a girl. It said “My sources say no”. Then she asked if the baby was a boy, and the magic 8 ball said “My reply is no”. So, out of the blue, she said “Is the baby an alligator?” and magic 8 ball said “It is decidedly so.” LOL

So, we went with it, and that’s how we got our nursery idea and now our 1st birthday theme! :)

This party took a lot of planning, but it was so fun to put together! I know he won’t remember it, but WE will! It turned out to be a great party, and a unique theme!

Alligator / Crocodile Party

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My Little Loves

What inspires me most? My little loves, of course!

my little loves

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Big Reveal! My latest project is complete!

My project is complete. Here is the big reveal! Welcome baby Z!

New Addition

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New Addition

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This project is EXHAUSTING!

This latest project is exhausting me, and I can’t wait for it to be done! Are you waiting for the big reveal? :)

baby ultrasound

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My beautiful daughter

I love this picture of my daughter. She’s so beautiful, inside and out!

pretty girl

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