Moving In… Another Sneak Peek

I like red.  I do.  But, not really in my house.  Now in other peoples’ homes, it is lovely.  But, it’s just not *my* thing.  So I was excited to find leftover paint in the garage!  Yay for builder’s beige!  (Okay, not really… it’s soooo, well, beige).  But, until I decide what color schemes I want, I’m happy getting rid of the accent color that matches absolutely none of my decor!  So… here’s another sneak peek, this time of the formal dining room.  *  painting dining room * painting dining room

Moving in… a sneak peek  *  new home sneak peek * new home sneak peek

Moving Out

I am sooooo excited to move, but boy is it a lot of WORK!  Of course, it probably doesn’t help that we did things backward.  We were so stuffed into our 1st home, that my hubby really wanted us to buy our 2nd home and move so the first home wouldn’t seem so cramped to potential buyers.  It was a huge risk since we could have been stuck paying 2 mortgages.  But thankfully, it worked out pretty well.  Unfortunately, once we moved out the furniture, it really needed painting.  In EVERY room.  Ugh!  I mean, I like painting when it’s one wall or even one room at a time.  But, doing an entire house… every room, every closet, every door, all the trim… now that’s a bit much.  We were really lucky that my in-laws came to help though.  They did so much and I am soooo very thankful.  They even put up with me when the stress proved to be too much and I lost it.  EEK.  (Sorry about that L&P!!!)  I just don’t know how people choose to move every couple of years.  It is too much work and too stressful.  Hopefully we’re here to stay a while.

Here’s a few shots of the moving out process.  You can see my hubby painting the doors.  He used a sprayer to make quick (or at least quick-er) work of it.  My daughter is hard at work painting, and she actually did a pretty great job of getting into the tight spaces like closets!  My hubby’s to-do list is shown on the bifold laundry doors.  It felt so good every time we got to mark something off the list, and was a good reminder what all had to be accomplished.  I’ve also shown a couple of pictures of the monumental mess that moving process created.  Ugh!  *  moving out * moving out