Baby Shower

Don’t you just love babies?  I know I do.  That’s why I was so excited when I found out a friend of mine was having a sweet baby boy, just 6 months after the arrival of my bundle of joy.  Now, this particular friend and her husband and my husband and I (along with one other couple) have season tickets to the Texans.  (Since we’re big fans, just don’t mention to me if you’re thinking to yourself “what are the Texans?”)

{Okay, okay.  If you’re not a fan, I guess I should tell you that they are Houston’s NFL football team.}

We’ve known this particular couple for years. (No need to know exactly how many… but suffice it to say that we’ve known them since before my daughter was born and she’s 8.)  No, that can’t be right. Crap.  It is right.  Man am I getting old.  Anyhoo… we all get together early on Sunday mornings in the fall for worship at a little place called the Reliant Center.  Yes, we are truly big fans.  My friend even decided to do her baby boy’s room in a Texans theme.  (It is super cute, btw!)  So, the shower theme came to us pretty easily.  HA!

Unfortunately, while there is a lot of NFL merchandise out there, there really isn’t a line of baby shower products.  (Hey NFL peeps… I think you’re missing out in this area, because I’ve talked to numerous other ladies who have also done showers with an NFL theme.)  You can find paper plates and party supplies, but while they are great for a superbowl party, we were trying to keep the shower from getting too cheesy, and keeping it tasteful for us girly girls.

So, we chose the team colors (red, blue and white) for the color scheme.  But, to simplify it a bit, I chose to go mostly navy and white with hints of red.  (I considered going red and white with hints of navy, but I had recently done my own baby’s room and happened to have some navy and white polka dot fabric left over.  So, that made that decision easy.  Showers can really add up, so any time you can use what you have, go for it! * Houston Texans Baby Shower

I had made a trip to Goodwill to donate some household items, and then stopped into the store. I was excited to find a good selection of glass punch bowls and cups. I found one set that had just the cups and no bowl, but it had 16 (yes, sixteen!) cups. Score! (Ha ha… had to say that since we’ve been talking football.) Anyway, I have a punch server that I had gotten at a Southern Living / Willow House party years ago, so all I needed was the cups. I was excited because I felt like the glass cups added a little class to a shower that could have easily gone cheesy in a heartbeat.

I created the “poofs” hung above the table after seeing inspiration on pinterest.  (Gosh I ♥ pinterest!!!)

I ordered customized M&M’s with the Houston Texans logo and in the team colors.  They can be a bit expensive, especially with shipping, so I just used them in small containers to try to stretch them.  But they were super cute!  Who knew they had M&Ms for sports teams?

I found the arrow chalkboard yard sign at a little boutique and I love it.  I use it all the time… for holidays in the pot up by our front door, or any time we have a get-together so people know where the party’s at.  Don’t look too closely at my “artwork” on there.  Hey… I tried.  hee hee

I created my own invitations, address labels and shower games using various digital scrapbooking supplies I found online or created myself.  I’ll try to do some tutorials for you soon, for those of you new to photoshop.  ;-)


Willow House Party

I recently hosted a Willow House (housewarming) party, and today the orders arrived! It looks like Christmas in my house! Now I just have to sort and deliver all the orders to my friends. Yay!

I can’t wait to get my own stuff out of the boxes to check it out! I love their products. I know they can be a bit pricey, but they are great quality.  *  Willow House Order * Willow House Order