Customizing and Old Frame

My husband’s late grandfather was a firefighter. My mother-in-law gave us this photograph of him after fighting a fire, and he had ice-cycles that formed on his helmet. We both loved the picture, but when we were first married, and didn’t have a lot of money, I had just picked up this cheap frame. At the time, the color was “in”, but now, not so much. Unfortunately, I had cut the photograph to fit the oval frame… and as it turns out, oval frames are hard to find! So, I was kinda stuck with this old, hunter-green frame. But never fear, we have spray paint here! heehee! Gotta ♥ spray paint!

In our new home, I am using a lot of neutrals. So, I decided to use some ivory spray paint that we had on hand. Actually, we had all these supplies already, because that’s how we roll. (I drive my hubby crazy with my hoarding of craft supplies, but that’s a story for another time.)

I also knew I wanted the pretty details to stand out. So, I decided on 3 colors. First I started with a dark brown base coat. Once dry, I added a copper color. Then, for the final color, I used the ivory. Then, I took the sanding block and lightly went over all the edges to enhance them a bit. I considered a glaze over the top, but decided I liked the ivory as is. Then I put back the glass, the photography, and now I have an updated look for this special memory.

www.ourinspiredhome  *  Customize an Old Frame

www.ourinspiredhome * Customize an Old Frame